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Women with children are the sole or primary provider in 4 in 10 households. Pew Research

1 in 7 engineers is a woman.

Today’s young women are starting their careers better educated than their male counterparts.

Over the past 30 years young women entering the workforce have been closing the hourly wage gap reaching 93% that of their male counterparts up from 67% in 1980. Pew Research

NCES projection to 2020: 11% increase in enrollment of students under 25 while 20% increase in enrollment of students over 25.

Between 2011-2021 enrollment of females is expected to increase by 16% to 7% for males.

By 2015 it is predicted that 13.1 million females will be enrolled in higher education compared to 9.5 million males.

Presently 62% of adult students over 25 are women.

Adult student enrollment will exceed younger student enrollment in 15 years.

National goal is to increase the baccalaureate degree level from current 46.5% to 60%.

Women have a higher degree completion rate than men by 10%.

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